Meal prep! 6 fast, healthy and easy tips!

Meal planning is the answer you’ve found to the question: what’s for dinner tonight, but you are short on ideas of meals to prepare?

Read on and find plenty of things to mix and match!

  1.  nuts, and raw vegetables

First and foremost I like to have things handy for us to have if we’re very hungry while I am cooking the meal. Best options are nuts, and raw vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumber or carrot sticks, some green peppers, cauliflower, or salad leaves. All these can be eaten anywhere in the house as the won’t get any space dirty, and are easy to handle, even for little kids. My son loves eating any of these, as if they were chips! If you want to upgrade this, you can have houmous or guacamole to dip them in!

2. any kind of wraps

Everybody loves food put into a wrap, galette bretonne (buckwheat pancake from Brittany), fajita, nacho, chapati (flat Indian bread), find a simple recipe, and make them home made. To make them into a complete dish, add anything you like: any cheese, any sauce, sliced tomatoes or mushrooms, left over cooked vegetables like slices of courgette, cooked slices of apple or apple sauce. You can also add any cooked or roasted meat or fish, corn, or avocado. This also works with toast or hamburger rolls.

3. lentils, beans and legumes

They are excellent sources of dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins and many other important vitamins and minerals.They help reduce blood sugar, help maintain a healthy gut and improve cholesterol levels.Add them to soups, stews and salads. My favourite meal definately contains a lentil dish, for example, throw in cold water lentils, sliced carrots and smoked bacon, leave to cook for 20 to 30 minutes, et voilà!

4. eggs

You can make eggs the basis of any meal; throw in almost any vegetable, meat, fish, and/or cheese into an omelette, with scrambled eggs, or fried eggs. Kids love slices of toast with butter they can dip into a hard boiled egg! My personal favourite are deviled eggs!
5. cereal
Pasta and rice is good, but what about also using buckwheat, millet or quinoa! They can easily be incorporated to any vegetarian or non vegetarian meal!
6. Use your oven!
If you want to prepare a hot meal without having to stur the food in all the time, so it doesn’t cling to your pan, use your oven! Prepare lasagna, (home made) pizza, quiche, or roasted vegetables (cut green peppers, turnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes or courgettes into slices, add olive oil).

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