5 solutions for getting ready faster every morning !

organize your day to be more effecient

Do not waste time in the morning:

  1. If I were you, I’d take a Colorimetry test.It allows me to always wear close to the face ( your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour) ,this is mostly useful for tops, coats, scarves and jewelry. Effect immediate look good! Therefore you can wear less or even no makeup!
  2. Be sure you make time so your clothes for the week are washed and ironed.Nothing worse than to find that crumpled business; or the pretty top you were planning on wearing, at the very bottom of your dirty laundry basket!
  3. Place each category of items in the same place. If I’m looking for a jacket to fit my outfit, I’m not going to go back and forth between my bedroom closet and entry way closet!
  4. I install a mirror near where I choose my clothes, my accessories and jewellery. Therefore, I choose and validate everything in the same area, rather than discovering in the mirror next to my apartment door, that something just isn’t right, and that I have to get changed again!
  5. An even better solution: having outfits ready in advance, on photos I have taken of me in them, or physically by hanging the whole outfit together ( bound by a home made clip (see upcoming tutorial)) ,my complete set with accessories in a cotton bag and shoes on the ground. It is also very convenient if, for a business trip I have to make a few sets off the cuff!

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