5 solutions for getting ready faster every morning !

organize your day to be more effecient

Do not waste time in the morning:

  1. If I were you, I’d take a Colorimetry test.It allows me to always wear close to the face ( your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour) ,this is mostly useful for tops, coats, scarves and jewelry. Effect immediate look good! Therefore you can wear less or even no makeup!
  2. Be sure you make time so your clothes for the week are washed and ironed.Nothing worse than to find that crumpled business; or the pretty top you were planning on wearing, at the very bottom of your dirty laundry basket!
  3. Place each category of items in the same place. If I’m looking for a jacket to fit my outfit, I’m not going to go back and forth between my bedroom closet and entry way closet!
  4. I install a mirror near where I choose my clothes, my accessories and jewellery. Therefore, I choose and validate everything in the same area, rather than discovering in the mirror next to my apartment door, that something just isn’t right, and that I have to get changed again!
  5. An even better solution: having outfits ready in advance, on photos I have taken of me in them, or physically by hanging the whole outfit together ( bound by a home made clip (see upcoming tutorial)) ,my complete set with accessories in a cotton bag and shoes on the ground. It is also very convenient if, for a business trip I have to make a few sets off the cuff!

5 good reasons for not bothering your spouse with organizing your home !

  1. A hugis better than another fight, isn’t it? Especially since the solution here has nothing to do with a verbal exchange, let me explain:
  2. Try this : without saying a word, organise what belongs to you or what you have in common. (DO NOT organise what belongs to other members of your family, except for a young child). Change a few elements of decoration, by placing your plants , tables or furniture in a new area of your home. And those who live with you will more or less consciously realize positive change. And, sooner or later, and without necessarily uttering a word about it, will also want to improve and reinvent your home! Most importantly- don’t say a word!
  3. Organising can have a huge positive impact on you. This may seem paradoxical, try rearranging your home, sorting out your personal stuff, and you will feel like you’ve just had a meditating session. And seeing the results will make you feel good. Make it your personal activity, as a gift , to yourself!
  4. After sorting out your things you will feel more in control and confident. For example, once you have decided on what clothes to keep, you will only have cherished clothes to choose from ( You won’t feel desperate every morning, thinking: I have nothing to wear… ), and you’ll be ready in no time. (see my article: 5 solutions to getting you ready faster every morning)
  5. One last thing, with sorting, new projects ( or old buried projects) will have time to be dealt with: and new physical space, and mental space, will help you gain energy and the inclination to pamper yourself and get on with your life goals !

Win 12 000 € !!!

Your home organizer will help you save money

” To pay or not to pay 12 000 € ” , you have read correctly:

Paying twelve thousand euros –the price of a car or several beautiful trips– for a storage unit, and you don’t remember what you put there, that’s what the mother of a friend of mine did; It will cost you a lot in no time :

the storage unit costs €100 per month x 12 months = 1 200 € per year x 10 years = 12 000 €

Maybe with a home organizer — someone who isn’t from your family, with an outsider’s view — it could save you this cost for the 10 coming years!

Do you also have expenses you need help with? Contact me !

What I learned from Marie Kondo

What I learned from Marie Kondo… the second time.

I didn’t really learn much the first time I read her book. Nothing happened then.

But this winter was the right time to read it again. I was getting tired of all the havoc on my living/ dining room floor — my son ‘s toys or cereal and other bits of food lying around there every day.

Until then clutter was the last thing on this earth that could bother me. It has even been a running joke in my family — how most of us have untidy households.

But people change, and this winter I have passed from a clutter friendly easy go lazy person to someone wanting order; up to this winter I was ok with camping, now I want a three star hotel!

I think reading Marie Kondo’s book a second time changed my vision and showed me another, more positive experience was possible.