How to keep the kitchen organised when there are 4 children in the family ?

We  first got rid of the plates, bowls, etc. the family never used. And by sorting everything by category, and labelling the shelves, everyone, including the cleaning woman when she unloads the washing machine, knows where each item must be put away. This will help keep the cupboard organized in the long run!

optimise food sorting

Now the stock of dry foods is easily visible, and divided into sweet, and salty foods.

home organiser in the kitchen

Earlier, all of these spices and bottles were cluttering the kitchen counters. So there was no room to prepare meals! By sorting, we made room for them on these two shelves , and freed the counters, too!

clear and clean countertops

One last thing, little Suzanne , who is two , now has a full cupboard for her, down, where can she, like in the Montessori method, reach for her bowl and her spoon, just like the other members of the family!

organised little girl

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