I immediately trusted Laetitia, before I even meeting her, her website, her photo, her videos immediately inspired me. Laetita helped me sort my closet, which I couldn’t even get into. With a lot of sweetness and kindness she helped me “get started” in sorting by doing it with me. Thanks to this I felt hyper motivated to continue after she left, and I continued to sort on my own as well as the next day and the following days. Thanks to her I used the momox app to sell books that I no longer read and I was able to earn 150 euros, and above all a huge feeling of lightness and joy. I also gave shoes and earrings to a friend who was more than happy (which again filled me with joy), contacted friends who had lent me books that I had kept, and therefore get back in touch with them, which again generated joy, enthusiasm and energy. In short, I highly recommend this support from Laetitia to accompany you in your dealing with storage, and lightening your interior!

 Isabelle, Singing Teacher

I got so much value of having Laetitia over. She was able to rethink our living space and come up with ideas we hadn’t considered. For example, she turned a boring room with furniture into a cozy living room. Her ideas created a different feeling and we didn’t even buy anything new!

Becca, Homemaker

I found Laetitia Ronsin by doing a search on the internet following a group coaching session, which made me discover the existence of “home organisers”. Among the most critical problems faced, there was the non-opening of my mail, which was piling up. As the pile grew bigger, the apprehension of finding a “corpse” was strong and I had to get away from the pile. Laetitia has brought me a lot: now I open my mail every day and the big pile has disappeared! Laetita is an organized woman, full of practical ideas, friendly, caring, non-judgmental and non-intrusive. It is a pleasure to have  her come to our home. I intend on asking her to help me again, on other aspects of my organization.

Bruno, Independent Computer Consultant

Laetitia helped us to organize our kids’ bedroom. She is patient and took our needs into account, it is very easy to work with her. Her experience and great advice helped us find a new organization… a simple and very efficient one! Thank you very much Laetitia! We will need your help another time… for sure!

Thibaut, Marketing Director

I am a high school teacher.  And after a move I could not work at my desk because it had become a stacking place.  This did not allow me to be comfortable and work properly! I strongly recommend Laetitia Ronsin from Joy Every Day, she helped me create a nice workspace. I can also now do my mandalas and origami. Mission accomplished;).

Julia, Teacher

We had an overstuffed cave that we had never managed to clear out and was driving us crazy. Laetitia Ronsin came to the rescue– she was calm, supportive, and had many useful ideas that helped us get unstuck in just one morning of intensive, strategic decluttering. We highly recommend her!

                                                                                            Bridget, Researcher

I needed to make room for my partner to move in with me in my small apartment. Three hours were enough for Laetitia to help me declutter, sort my things and prepare for what is coming. Laetitia gave me many optimizing solutions I will use from now on.

Antoine, Financial expert

          A few months ago I had the opportunity to work with my good friend Laetitia. She came around to my little studio flat which is 22m2 in Paris. The biggest problem I was having was to reorganise my room because there were so many things, and not enough space. And I felt constricted with too many things taking over my flat.   What Laetitia did was help me analyse my paperwork, how to make more space in the cupboards, on the shelves, underneath the bed and the table, to make it really neat and tidy, but also to move things around.      I have to say that ever since Laetitia has come to my flat, my flat  has been so much more organised and so much more spacious. And all I can say is thank you so much Laetitia, you are an awesome home organiser. If you are thinking or wondering if you should work with Laetitia, you definitely should!

Mathy, Life coach

I spent the whole month of August getting rid of clothes, I sold a lot of things at a brocante a month ago. But for several weeks now I felt stuck with one more big stack in my bedroom. I needed help moving forward because I was now feeling stressed by the last items I wanted to get rid of but couldn’t. Thanks to Laetitia I measured how much I  had gotten done already. We cut the remaining items into manageable actions with a time limit. Laetitia also opened my eyes to new leisure and professional opportunities outside of my home. I have now found new energy to go towards the life I want to live. Thank you Laetitia!

Becky, Homemaker

I needed help decluttering my house, full with 25 years worth of paperwork, clothes and various objects. I was finding it hard sorting, and getting rid of unnecessary things. I was discouraged by the amount of things I had to deal with, and I didn’t know where to start. I also found myself wasting a lot of time looking for things.     My older daughters had already left home, I wanted to declutter their rooms to use them for a home office, and a small gym area, and still be able to have them sleep there when they come to visit.

Laetitia helped me envision my house the way I want it to become, and we meet once a month so the decluttering gets done at my pace. I am happy that we have put our hands on things I thought I had lost. I appreciate Laetitia for being so professional, for her advice, her kindness and getting things done. I am very satisfied with the optimized storage places, the rooms now feel more harmonious and zen.    I am much more inclined now to keep them that way and not to buy things I don’t really need. I have asked Laetitia to come and help me several more sessions, so my home can become the place I enjoy living in!

Isabelle,  Researcher

I went from a 90 m2 apartment I was sharing with my mother and sister, to living on my own in a 35 m2 studio. But one month after having moved, I felt I couldn’t manage. I didn’t know how I could organize all my things in such a small living area. I needed help better optimizing my space. The other problem I had, was that the studio has a strange shape. And it was already equipped with furniture. I wanted to get rid of some of it, and buy new pieces. Laetitia Ronsin helped me simply place the furniture in a more functional way, which spared me the expense of having to buy new items, and the hassle of having to call my landlady. Now my things are put away more logically, which really is essential when you live in a place composed of only one room! Laetitia truly helped me optimize my new home! She also showed me how to better organize my cave and gave me shopping advice for boxes. Thanks to Laetitia I also threw away the beauty products I hadn’t noticed were causing irritation to my skin; she explained to me where to look for due dates.

Laetitia found solutions to all my problems. She is patient and a good listener. She helped simplify everything that had become so complicated in my mind! I am so happy to see how my home is now!

Erika, Doctor

I contacted Laetitia Ronsin after we moved to a new home. I was overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.  I had overpacked cupboards where in a rush I would just shove things in. And after a few months, I just ended up stressed by the clutter inside.

With a hands on approach, we tackled my crafts cupboards ; Laetitia showed me what process I could use to make things simpler, easy to find, and more functional !

Being more organized has helped my family too, and it has made it easier to ask for help because things are easily found.
Laetitia also helped me prioritize my time , and looking at the broader picture has helped me put more effort towards the activities that bring me the most benefit and joy.

Laetitia is a very kind and lovely lady. We spent time looking at the reasons for feeling overwhelmed , and talked them through.

I now feel balanced, I’m excited by the changes, and the extra SPACE ! I am very grateful for her services, and have recommended her to friends.

Munira, Therapist

I have to free the apartment my former partner left a year ago. Being all alone I didn’t know how to organize the move. Working with Laetitia has helped me organize my thoughts, sort my things, sell, give , and throw away what I don’t need anymore. She gave me important advice for the move.

I also yearned to have someone I could talk about this with. Sure, I could have gone to see a shrink, he or she would have listened to me, but I needed something else. When you move house, it can be very moving !!! The furniture has a story. I am doing this because I want to be in a place where I feel good, so I can raise my daughter. Freeing myself from furniture, was also freeing myself from the bad memories. Laetitia is a very good listener, available, she understood my needs.

Rafaelle, Social Worker

We had a big house to sell. Laetitia Ronsin helped us bring out what potential buyers are looking for. Laetitia showed us for example that buyers, especially young buyers, look for a spacious living area, and a lot of storage.

With Laetitia we reorganized our living room by freeing it of some furniture – we had a lot of furniture – and by removing carpets. This showed off the beautiful size of our living room, its beautiful old wooden floor and cleared the view to the garden. In the large kitchen/ open dining room, we also took out some furniture, and rid the kitchen of appliances we did not use, to reveal the large counter top. On the upper floors we arranged furniture in a more logical way. Where she advised us to, we had much-needed painting done.

Laetitia is very down to earth and determined, with ideas on what to do, and on the practical way of implementing them. Due to all this, our house was sold in a month, which is a short timespan, given the big size and thus the price level of the house – between 1,5 and two million euros – in this price range, a house doesn’t get sold as fast, potential buyers aren’t that many. How the inside of the house was presented certainly counted in the fact that we were able to sell it at a good price and quickly.

Philippe and Odile, Pensioners

Swaped by admin , or an area you need organized, in a real hands on, non-judgmental way? I can recommend Laetitia Ronsin 100% ! She spent 6 hours today with me, and my admin mountain nightmare is gone. Total peace. With such an easy hands on plan to continue maintaining it. Cannot believe I waited so long to have this done! Call Laetitia, and book your slot, you will not be disappointed!

Anelle, Personal Stylist

Hello, I contacted Laetitia Ronsin because I was in urgent need of advice in managing a load of furniture and objects I was receiving 4 days later. I thought she might come after the stuff had arrived, but she rightfully told me it would be more helpfull to get my current things in order first. I also needed to : get rid of recurring clutter in my office. It is not an easy task.

Being a trained architect I always have a fixed idea of what I want ; “my idea” of how things should be organized, and I would not stand someone too bossy, I want what is “right” and satisfying for me. I enjoyed Laetitia’s flexibility ; it enabled us to find concerted solutions, to better my everyday life. For example, we placed a box near the door for outcoming mail or documents. And, I needed space for my writing activity, which represents a world of its own, on top of my every day life; mail, paperwork and small DIYs. So it was complex…

I have to say that between MY solutions and LAETITIA’s, it’s now much better ! Before, the room was full and I didn’t know where to begin. So despite all my ideas on organizing, I was completely lost. We also found ways to help me organize my time and tackle procrastination. To sum up : Laetitia is a good listener, very respectful and flexible.

Anne-Cécile, Writer

I got into contact with Laetitia Ronsin, because my home was gradually getting more and more cluttered, by things that weren’t necessarily useful, but that I didn’t manage to throw away. I didn’t know what to keep and what to get rid of. On top of that, I’m moving soon, and wanted to bring my belongings down to a minimum.

I needed to spend time, with someone to support me, and help me feel confident again. Thanks to Laetitia I realized I was already doing a lot of things right. Even though nothing spectacular happened, our work cession got me started. I’m not totally done yet, but I’m pleased to be in the process. I get a little bit done, every day, at my own pace. And I feel good now.

Laetitia is sensitive, and discreet, in a good way: she is not like some coaches who come with a pre established program. It is from what I said that she understood what we should do together. She took the time to get to know me. And I didn’t feel judged.

This approach encouraged me to act, I know that I can’t fail, because what I’m doing now is based on my needs.

Deborah, Medical Secretary

We asked Joy Every Day to help us optimize our 3 years ( 11 m2 ), and find storage solutions- for toys and clothes !

Laetitia quickly gave us very concrete suggestions, and especially easy to implement on… We enjoyed the pragmatism of the solutions provided by Laetitia, which after just 1 work session led to :

– freeing space in his room for play, creating fun storage solutions that help our son want to put his toys away

– modifying the layout in his closet, our son can now grab the clothes he needs, because now they are all visible and within his reach,he now even sometimes helps us put his clean laundry away ; he sees the logic and the fun to it !

Pascal, Real Estate Agent

I was having a hard time ridding my dining room/ living room table, and my desk of all my stuff. It was so bad I couldn’t invite friends over. I needed help.

Laetitia Ronsin quickly helped me classify everything by category , and throw away what I did not use or things that no longer worked. We made room and found how to organize my work system to keep the spaces tidy and pretty. I didn’t think that three hours would be enough to get everything done, but it was!

I can now have people over again!!!

Françoise, Nurse

I asked Laetitia Ronsin from Joy Every Day to help me reorganize my kitchen.

My goals were: freeing space on the kitchen counters, improving accessibility to food and objects… In 3 hours we emptied the kitchen cabinets, sorted out what had to be given or thrown away, put things back by category… and everything became clear! Everything in its place, and a place for everything! I am delighted by the change!

I renewed the experience in the children’s room alone, and I can say that with all of Laetitia’s recommendations, it is much simpler, and so much faster to make decisions on what to throw away or keep !!! and she has plenty of simple and effective tips to optimize storage…

Laetitia wonderfully took into account my expectations, my way of life, and my personality (and my family’s; my husband and our four children) because she is a good listener.

Gwen, Management and Quality Consultant

Thanks to Joy Every Day, my space became more clear, and my spirits were lifted !

Laetitia Ronsin helped me for what seemed the most difficult step: getting started. For a big decluttering project, bringing up the energy alone is difficult, just like an engine, getting started asks for a lot of energy.

I appreciated her tactfulness (not forcing me to throw things away), and her following through, asking me the same question: “What do you want to get out of this?”, this helped me a lot! Laetitia helped me manage emotions that can delay work: it was difficult for me to make decisions at first, but it got easier as our sorting progressed.

Dorota, Painter

When trying to prepare meals, I always had trouble finding what I needed, things always seemed to end up in a different place. And our kitchen was packed with stuff. We needed advice from someone outside of the family.

Laetitia Ronsin helped us get things going, by setting clear objectives. We started by looking into everything we had (and we weren’t really aware of); an impressive number of household products, some food that was past their due-by date, kitchenware we got as presents that we weren’t going to use, too many dishes, foods hard to reach for the rest of the family, and more things packed on the cupboards.

We had actually needed to look into all of this, to realize all this.

And then we did the sorting, and we decided where we were going to put each thing we had decided to keep.

It took a few hours to finally get a tidy, clear kitchen, everything in its place!.

Nathalie, Quality Manager

When I contacted Joy Every Day, I could no longer push open the door to my cellar to reach my children’s clothes… The bags of clothing (all bought at sales) were sticking out of labelled plastics boxes “one month”, “three months”, “six months” and I found 5 dresses but only 2 pants per size…

So Laetitia, very tactfully, told me, that my problem was not organising but accumulating ! She added : “If you want to bring an object into your home, another object must leave”, like a magic formula I keep in mind on my shopping sprees… Because what I value the most, is space !

Because our goal was to make the children’s clothes easily accessible, we took out all the other objects from the cellar by putting them in 3 categories : keep, give, toss

Laetitia quickly grabbed a mother’s day gift and asked me “Toss ?”. I found that brutal ! Why would I want to get rid of such a sweet symbol of love ? She then asked me if I was going to give it a place in my home and whether it would be a positive object for me… As it wasn’t really to my taste, I photographed it from every angle, I kissed it and let it go, feeling a bit of guilt… Then, everything was easier, the memories didn’t all seem so precious 5 years later, and I finally only kept a few that now decorate my living room…

With more space in the cellar, I was able to double the number of boxes so that each size now has 2 seasons. And I labelled all the boxes so I can see if anything is missing at any time… Thank you Joy Every Day, my basement is no longer a warehouse but a functional dressing !

Lauriane, Graphic designer

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