Why spring clean?

Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition steming from cultural and religious traditions, and linked to human nature.

  • Tradition

Before heating appeared, homes needed to be rid of the layer of grime and soot that had accumulated during the cold winter months, when people used fires in chimneys to keep warm, and oil lamps to light their houses. Proper cleaning required getting rid of the soot, once the warmer weather had come.

In Iran, the Persian New Year coincides with the first day of spring.This holiday consists of buying new clothes and cleaning (or “shaking the house”).

Around the same period, in Jewish custom, spring cleaning is linked to Passover, which marks the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. And in Christian custom, the Catholics clean the church altar the day before Good Friday, also normally in March or April.

  • Our biology

We don’t hibernate like bears, but winter makes humans sleepier and sluggish, too. As fewer hours in the day trigger the release of melatonin (the hormon that causes sleepiness) in our brains, we literally don’t have the energy to deep clean during colder months. But once the days start getting longer, we’re energized by more sunlight. Not to mention that all that sunlight streaming through the windows probably makes the dust we’d forgotten about highly visible!

Join in to the tradition this new season!

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