Sort your clothes before the sales to increase efficiency !

declutter your clothes closet

  1. Take a look at what you have, to not buy on sales yet another black skirt!
  2. Find out what’s missing,and what you really need, to make your fling to the sales a truly useful one!
  3. Look at the outfits you already have while shopping for an accessory : a pair of shoes, or a jewel, with your goal.
  4. Make room! Don’t just shove something new in you closet! Apply this rule: you need to let something go before bringing in something new !
  5. You might realize that going to the sales isn’t that important after all, because you’ve already got all you need. And, your little feet, your patience and your budget will thank you for having opted out!

Win 12 000 € !!!

Your home organizer will help you save money

” To pay or not to pay 12 000 € ” , you have read correctly:

Paying twelve thousand euros –the price of a car or several beautiful trips– for a storage unit, and you don’t remember what you put there, that’s what the mother of a friend of mine did; It will cost you a lot in no time :

the storage unit costs €100 per month x 12 months = 1 200 € per year x 10 years = 12 000 €

Maybe with a home organizer — someone who isn’t from your family, with an outsider’s view — it could save you this cost for the 10 coming years!

Do you also have expenses you need help with? Contact me !

Why spring clean?

Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition steming from cultural and religious traditions, and linked to human nature.

  • Tradition

Before heating appeared, homes needed to be rid of the layer of grime and soot that had accumulated during the cold winter months, when people used fires in chimneys to keep warm, and oil lamps to light their houses. Proper cleaning required getting rid of the soot, once the warmer weather had come.

In Iran, the Persian New Year coincides with the first day of spring.This holiday consists of buying new clothes and cleaning (or “shaking the house”).

Around the same period, in Jewish custom, spring cleaning is linked to Passover, which marks the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt. And in Christian custom, the Catholics clean the church altar the day before Good Friday, also normally in March or April.

  • Our biology

We don’t hibernate like bears, but winter makes humans sleepier and sluggish, too. As fewer hours in the day trigger the release of melatonin (the hormon that causes sleepiness) in our brains, we literally don’t have the energy to deep clean during colder months. But once the days start getting longer, we’re energized by more sunlight. Not to mention that all that sunlight streaming through the windows probably makes the dust we’d forgotten about highly visible!

Join in to the tradition this new season!

If you need even more motivation read this !


What I learned from Marie Kondo

What I learned from Marie Kondo… the second time.

I didn’t really learn much the first time I read her book. Nothing happened then.

But this winter was the right time to read it again. I was getting tired of all the havoc on my living/ dining room floor — my son ‘s toys or cereal and other bits of food lying around there every day.

Until then clutter was the last thing on this earth that could bother me. It has even been a running joke in my family — how most of us have untidy households.

But people change, and this winter I have passed from a clutter friendly easy go lazy person to someone wanting order; up to this winter I was ok with camping, now I want a three star hotel!

I think reading Marie Kondo’s book a second time changed my vision and showed me another, more positive experience was possible.

Hello wonderfull world!

This is the first article for my brand new blog!  And I’m exhausted and confused; I admit, I was so relieved I could sneek out early this morning with my little boy still asleep, and my husband in charge.  It felt so wierd, I wondered was I doing something illegal ?! How come there’s a chip in the picture of the easy go easy role of a mommy?

Because I’m a not-that-young-mom (turning 40 soon!) of a toddler; I’m a busy teacher (to energetic and chatty teenagers), we have a home to keep up, (that said, we are only three- my husband, our son, and me, and don’t have a mansion, we are simple city dwellers!   We have a busy parisian life of what French people call “métro, boulot, dodo”, which  means our days look like this:”commuting, working, sleeping”!

But I know there’s more to life than that; being a real French and Parisian gal I want to contend that part of me who is a lover of all good food; curious of all new ideas that can make my chez moi a cosy retreat; a friend to my closest friends; and of course a sensual woman (oh la la) to my chéri of a husband.

And I’m not alone. I’m hearing plenty of my girl friends thinking the same things and admitting to it in the blink of an eye. Once I get them started on the subject there’s no stopping them!

What I’d like to do in this blog is help us find new solutions whithout it being a hassle! I want it to be fun and efficient! So we can slow down and ENJOY more!

10 smart and easy cleaning tips for a healthier home

© Lisa870/123RF

Contrary to popular belief, the air you breathe in your home can be more polluted than outside air. Nasty stuff can be found in furniture coverings, insulation, dust mites, household products and the CO2 we breathe. The air we inhale irritates our organs like our lungs and blood, which circulates in our brain and our muscles. The French Ministry of Health and Environment* lists symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, eye, nose, throat and skin irritation, dizziness, allergic manifestations and asthma from living daily in a polluted environment.

For a clean and healthier home, air out rooms regularly and use natural products without pollutants! It is very easy and very cheap.

Three best eco-friendly cleaning products: lemon, baking soda and white vinegar. © Georgrafika/123RF

10 environmentally-friendly cleaning tips to help you have a healthier home:

1. The winning trio

  • white vinegar (vinaigre blanc, you can buy at the supermarket)
  • lemon juice
  • baking soda (bicarbonate de soude, you can also buy at the supermarket, pharmacy or at your local organic store in the food section)

2. Have a blast cleaning your toilets

Sprinkle some baking soda and white vinegar in your toilet, and get ready to be surprised by your first chemical experiment since high school! The slightly abrasive action of baking soda and its deodorizing qualities will give a shot of clean to your toilet!

3. Beauty treatment for the showerhead

Immerse your showerhead in white vinegar inside a plastic bag and fix it with an elastic band. Leave it to soak all night.

Use vinegar for eco-friendly cleaning. © CCO Creative Commons/Pixabay

4. Could your oven need more love?

For conventional ovens, sprinkle vinegar and baking soda inside. Leave for a few hours. Scrape if necessary with a spatula, and wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. For your microwave, put a bowl containing water, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a toothpick inside, close the door and zap it on high for 5 minutes. Leave the door shut for 2 to 3 more minutes to let the steam continue to loosen caked-on bits of food. When you open the door, be careful, the bowl and tray will be hot. Take them out, wipe down the inside of the microwave with a sponge, and wash the tray in the sink. It’s easy, works great and only takes a few minutes!

5. Decalcify your coffee maker

To clean your coffee maker of the buildup inside, fill the tank with 4 tablespoons of vinegar, pass through the machine, empty the carafe and rinse! If you want to get rid of tea or coffee stains on your mugs, let them soak in white vinegar for a few hours. If that’s not enough, rub with baking soda. Vinegar can also replace the softener in your washing machine and the rinsing liquid in your dishwasher!

6. Eliminate an unpleasant smell

Need to eliminate a lingering bad smell, but don’t want to buy a toxic air freshener? To eliminate the smell of vomit, put a bowl of vinegar in the room. It works also for other smells like paint. To eliminate tobacco odors, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 3 glasses of warm water and the juice from the equivalent of 1/4 lemon. Put this mixture in a vaporizer and spray on all your fabrics.

7. Clean the surfaces of the kitchen and the bathroom

Find a sprayer. Try not to buy one — use the empty window washing product you just finished rather than tossing it away. Mix four tablespoons of white vinegar and a glass of water and place in the sprayer. Vinegar will not smell once it’s dry.

When I use lemon juice in a drink or for cooking, I always save the rind with the pulp to spread around the sink like a sponge, then rinse. The sink suddenly shines and is rid of any tartar.

With its slightly abrasive action and its natural deodorizing qualities, baking soda can replace your potentially toxic scouring powder or cream. Use it on a sponge or as a paste (a mixture of water and baking soda). When the dirt is more tenacious, leave the paste for 15 minutes in the bath or shower. For very scaled shower walls, heat the vinegar before you spray it on. Rub and rinse after 10 minutes

8. How to easily clean windows 

Use a microfiber cloth and water to wipe dirty surface or spray the mix of white vinegar and water (see the paragraph above) and wipe the window clean.

9. Maintenance of the pipes

Dirt, soapsuds, and limestone are regularly deposited in our pipes. To avoid clogging and bad odors, pour 20g to 40g of baking soda and hot water down the drain. Leave for two hours or overnight to allow the product to pass through the pipes, then rinse with very hot water.

Give your dishwasher a facelift: place a bowl of vinegar in the top drawer of your empty machine and launch the cycle!

10. Keep le bouquet beautiful

To keep your cut flowers beautiful longer, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Now relax and enjoy your fresh, clean home!