What I learned from Marie Kondo

What I learned from Marie Kondo… the second time.

I didn’t really learn much the first time I read her book. Nothing happened then.

But this winter was the right time to read it again. I was getting tired of all the havoc on my living/ dining room floor — my son ‘s toys or cereal and other bits of food lying around there every day.

Until then clutter was the last thing on this earth that could bother me. It has even been a running joke in my family — how most of us have untidy households.

But people change, and this winter I have passed from a clutter friendly easy go lazy person to someone wanting order; up to this winter I was ok with camping, now I want a three star hotel!

I think reading Marie Kondo’s book a second time changed my vision and showed me another, more positive experience was possible.

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