Home Organiser

Do you feel overwhelmed by your unorganised home (kitchen, closets, kids’ room, cellar) or office ? Do you want to be more efficient and relaxed?
I will fit your needs to help you declutter, better manage what you have, and optimise your space. Together, we will find long lasting solutions !
Call 06 62 33 65 05.

66€ per hour,  33 € per hour after 50 % tax deduction

Give a loved-one the gift of feeling better at home ! Call 06 62 33 65 05 !

Laetitia Ronsin, home organiser, services à la personne

Paris, and around Paris (no transport costs )

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home organiser

Laetitia Ronsin sur Paris, FR sur Houzz

home organiser Laetitia Ronsin