During my childhood spent in the USA and in Brittany, I loved all the fun adventures Nature had in store for me.

I traveled a lot, without really knowing where Home was, until at age 22, I felt a longing for France, where my family roots are, and where I feel most in tune. I could finally settle down and feel centered.

I taught English with passion. At age 30, stressed by city life, work, and trying to get pregnant, my osteopath, to my great surprise, told me, not to start running (which I was thinking of taking up again) – but yoga.

And she was right, there really was a before and after! Yoga has brought me peace hardly ever experienced in my life, and the ingredients for a healthier life for me and my family. During my pregnancy, I also discovered two new wonderful stress-reducing tools: sophrology and meditation.

It seemed one more thing needed tweaking: one day, six years ago, when I opened my front door, I was shocked by the state of my apartment. What mess! I now really wanted space for the woman and adult in me, and trade what felt like camping for a 5-star hotel!

But how could I do this without spending all my time tidying up and
organising? My husband and I gave away several bags full of things we hadn’t used for years and had been taking up precious closet space. We now had more room to put things away, and enjoy our space!

I am proud I am now helping families feel better in their homes, rediscover, give away, or sell items, and therefore contribute to limiting overproduction, and protect the planet for us and coming generations.

During the first confinement, I learned how to make homemade soap. I like using products in the home that are cheap, harmless, and that you already have in your kitchen cabinets! Find the very simple recipes in my blog!

I am living my three passions in my work: teaching English, teaching yoga, and helping to declutter and better organise people’s homes! I hope to meet you soon, for a chat, or a helping hand!